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Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment options: Click here

Online Self-Assessment: Click here

COVID-19 ALBERTA Updates & Information: Click here

COVID-19 CANADA Updates & Information: Click here

COVID-19 Vaccination Booking: Click here

General Vaccination FAQ from AHS: Click here

AHS – COVID 19 care instructions,getting healthy after COVID 19 and more: Click here


To book lab appointments online Click here or you can call 1-877-702-4486 ext 7


Help Seeker

Help Seeker is a website designed to help those in need to access support services within the community. Click here and search ‘community supports’

McLeod River Primary Care Network

MRPCN offers more than 10 health and wellness programs designed to improve the well-being of our communities. Ask any of our team for more information, or click here

Soaring Eagle Support Society

Soaring Eagle Support Services provides a volunteer tax program, a bagged lunch program, court and outreach advocate, a resource room with shower and laundry facilities, and a friendly place to have coffee! Click here

Wellspring Family Resource & Crisis Centre

Wellspring is the women’s shelter for Whitecourt and area that houses women in crisis (with or without children), with priority given to women fleeing abuse. Wellspring also provides other support services to those within the community who are in crisis (men, women and children) who do not fit the mandate with other agencies. They provide outreach support to those who have or are experiencing family violence, run a women’s support group twice a month, and provide public education in relation to relationships and family violence prevention. Click here to visit their website

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Early Childhood Intervention Services offers navigation, education and support in a clinic setting to children with development and delays and/or disabilities. They also provide home-based services. Please call 780-778-0917 for more Information.

Mental Health And Addiction Services

Whitecourt Addiction/Mental Health Services (formerly AADAC) – 780-778-7123

Whitecourt Mental Health Treatment Services – 780-706-3281

More Patient Resources

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

Contact AHCIP to sign up for a health care card, update your information with Alberta Health Care, or to order a replacement card here

Cancer Screening & Prevention

Alberta Health Services has prevention and screening tips for patients found on their website here

Screening for Life provides information on cancer screening and prevention, a risk calculator and help locating screening locations including information on the mobile mammogram screening bus. Click here for more information

Child Health & Development

A parent’s guide to vaccination is provided by the Government of Canada to help understand the importance. Click here for more information

Want to know when your child’s next vaccinations are due? Use the vaccination schedule guide provided by the Government of Canada here

Healthy Parents Healthy Children has information and support for pregnancy, newborns, all the way to 5 years old. Click here for more information

Caring for Kids is a website created by the Canadian Paediatric Society and provides information for parents from Canada’s paediatricians. Click here

Child mental health screening forms may be used to help your physician diagnose and treat your child. Click here for access


McLeod River PCN manages the COPD Support Group for Whitecourt and area. for more information speak to Lacey our CDM Nurse, of you can find more information here

Myhealth Alberta has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Lung/Pulmonary Disease) information here

Living Well With COPD has information and support Click here

The Canadian Lung Association provides information on diseases, smoking support and lung health information. Click here for more


Diabetes Canada provides an online risk test as well as basic information about diabetes. Click here for more

Myhealth Alberta has explanations on the types of diabetes, and tips to manage it. Click here


Myhealth Alberta provides information on different infertility causes and symptoms, has a fertility tool to show your most fertile days, and treatment options available. Click here

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada provides statistics on infertility rates, and a large resource section for information on fertility concerns and how to improve your chances of conception here


Hypertension Canada has resources to help track your blood pressures, information on what monitors are recommended and other tips to manage your hypertension. Click here

Mental Health & Addictions

Mental Health Central 24 Hour Helpline – 1-877-303-2642

Indigenous Support Line – 1-844-944-4744

Whitecourt Mental Health Treatment Services – 780-706-3281

Whitecourt Addiction/Mental Health Services (previously AADAC) – 780-778-7123

Alberta Health Services has a good collection of resources for families and patients to support those dealing with addiction and mental health. Click here

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides an anonymous online peer support program. Join here

Child Mental Health screening forms may be recommended by your physician before or after an appointment to help diagnose or treat your child. find the forms here

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be found online If you are needing some support. Click here

Virtual Narcotics Anonymous meetings can be accessed online and by phone. Click here to find a meeting

Online Smart Recovery Program helps family friends and persons recovering from addictions, and has access to in-person locations as well as online meetings. Click here for more

Hope pregnancy helps support pregnant mothers with mental health supports during and after pregnancy. Sign up here

Great Self Help links can be found here for those suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, addictions or general worrying. Click Here

MyHealth Alberta

MyHealth Alberta has a list of Health Information and Tools, Patient Care Handouts including Medication, Test and Treatment information. If you sign up for MyHealth Records, it allows all Albertans access to their lab records, medications, health history and create reminders for their appointments and more. Click Here to find more information or here to sign up for MyHealth Records

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Canada’s Food Guide can be found here

Alberta Health Services has a Healthy Eating information section with tips for work, school and community. Click here

The Canadian Exercise Guideline can be found here

Palliative Care

McLeod River PCN has a Cancer & Palliative Care Program to help those diagnosed or the families of those diagnosed. more information can be found here

Alberta Health Services has the most current and up to date information on what to expect and what support is available to those with cancer. find more here

Myhealth Alberta has a lot of helpful information about palliative care and options. Click here

Prenatal Care

Delivering at the Whitecourt Hospital? Take the Prenatal Tour Click Here

Alberta Health has free online birth and babies class. For more information click here

Government of Canada has a good section on food safety for pregnant women available. Click here

Government of Canada has information for preconception, healthy pregnancy tips, information on folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids and iron intake, as well as depression during pregnancy. Click here for information

Healthy Parents Healthy Children have large resource section for those pregnant or already parents, with interactive tools, printouts and videos. Click here

For those looking for information on breast feeding, La Lerche League Canada has information sheets for those looking for information or support. They also have a list of meetings available for in person support. Click here for more

Breast Feeding Made Simple has some questions and answers about breast feeding as well as tips and support. Click here

Hope pregnancy helps support pregnant mothers with mental health supports during and after pregnancy. Sign up here

Smoking Cessation

Alberta Quits provides learning tools and support for those looking for help to stop smoking/vaping. Click here for more

Myhealth Alberta has some informative videos on nicotine, strategies to quit smoking and helpful tips. Click here