In-Office Prodecures

For all of our procedures, your physician will need to have a consultation with you prior to booking to discuss the procedure with you as well as assess if the procedure is suitable for your situation. There may also be a fee for some procedures.


Vasectomy is an effective minor surgical procedure to attain permanent birth control. We offer a no-scalpel vasectomy procedure completed in office.


Our office uses the plastibell device to perform our circumcisions, and the procedure takes about 20 minutes to complete. We ask that patients arrive early, as we require a numbing cream to be applied prior to the procedure.

While circumcisions are ideally completed before 14 days old, they may be completed in our office up to 3 months old, depending on the individual.

Moles, Lumps & Bumps

Moles, Lumps & Bumps are relatively simple procedures that many physicians provide. Depending on the location and size, most can be taken care of in-office

Ingrown Toenails

For those that have ingrown toenails causing pain, inflammation and sometimes infections, part of the toenail is removed to allow the nail to regrow correctly, alleviating the irritation.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is where a finger is stuck in a bent position and may bend or straighten with a snap or pop, similar to how a trigger is pulled. A trigger finger release will correct the tendon causing the stiff movement.

Carpal Tunnel Release

For those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, we provide a release procedure to help relieve the pain. The physician will require an EMG or nerve conduction report be completed before the procedure can be booked.

IUD Insertion

We have multiple physicians who provide Intrauterine device insertions for contraception purposes.

Other Minor Procedures

Staple and stitch removals, excisions, fluid drainage, foreign body removals, injections (allergy, joint, weight loss, etc.) and aspirations.

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