Mental Health & Addictions

Mental Illness – Adult

Adult Mental illnesses result from changes in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and can impact any aspect of our lives including our most important relationships. Mental health has no respect for age, gender, racial or social background, and we understand this at Life Medical Clinic. In addition, at Life Medical Clinic we are acutely aware that mental illnesses often accompany many physical illnesses in subtle ways. As such, we endeavor to accommodate the needs of patients identified with mental illness in our appointment schedules, in promptly providing appropriate referrals, and in some cases conducting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy within the Practice.

Mental Illness – Children

Every child growing up in Alberta deserves to feel happy and secure. Over 80,000 young Albertans suffer from some kind of mental illness that they may struggle with for the rest of their lives. At Life Medical Clinic, we screen children for mental illnesses such as Anxiety Disorders, Depression, ADHD, and Conduct Disorders because we believe strongly in prevention and early recognition before these illnesses significantly impact the developing brain, function and learning of children. Support for parents and guardians can also be a challenge. Our staff are equipped to navigate individuals to appropriate community resources and partners when needed.


Addiction presents itself in various ways. At Life Medical Clinic, we approach addictions with empathy and provide help resources to both patients and families to support rehabilitation in a way that makes the most meaningful sense to individual patients. In specific cases, we use Opioid Agonist Therapy – Suboxone and Methadone – for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder. We also support other patients with addictions to Methamphetamines, Alcohol, Gambling, and other drugs. We work closely with our Mental Health & Addiction and community partners to support patients with complex psycho-social stressors.

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